American Heart Association study finds poor sleep can lead to poor heart health

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One tip is to use "night mode" on your devices, so your brain doesn't mistake the brightness for daytime light

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(WYTV) – A new study from the American Heart Association shows poor sleep can lead to overeating for women, which then leads to poor heart health.

Dr. Scott Tofil, a local sleep medicine specialist, said electronic devices are keeping all of us awake for too long. He recommends using “night mode” on these devices.

As you age, Tofil says caffeine stays in your system longer. So for people who drink a cup of coffee after dinner, it really isn’t helping.

“Sometimes when you’re younger you can do it, but as we get older that caffeine lasts longer and longer and it’s going to be enough to keep you up,” he said.

Tofil added that if your electronic device is too bright, your brain can mistake it for the sun, telling your body it’s daytime, which leads to trouble falling asleep.

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