(WKBN) – The change in seasons always brings those of us seasonal allergy sufferers some grief. You might find yourself sneezing more or dealing with watery eyes. You’re not alone. Fall allergies are in full swing.

There are different treatment options available depending on the severity of a person’s allergies.

A Cleveland Clinic allergist says to buckle up. Fall allergy season isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“I like to break down the seasons into national holidays, so right around labor day to the first good snowfall, we will actually see a lot of the weeds pop up. There’s a lot more molds cause it’s actually really damp out there and you’ve got leaves on the ground,” Dr. Sandra Hong, a Cleveland Clinic allergist.

Mercy Health says the three most common causes of fall allergies include ragweed which pollinates in late August.

This is what causes what we know as hay fever.

Second is mold which thrives in damp conditions. Doctors say the leaf piles are known as breeding grounds for mold .

Third are dust mites.

If you are feeling under the weather and you think it is seasonal allergies…doctors say to speak with an allergist.

They can help find the best ways to ease your symptoms.