Algae advisory doesn’t deter fishermen from going to Shenango Lake

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The area of concern is on the western side of the reservoir, around the Chestnut Run Swim Beach

SOUTH PYMATUNING TWP., Pa. (WYTV) – A small area of the Shenango Lake reservoir is under an algae advisory.

Although it is just a small section of the lake, it was enough to cancel a paddleboarding event on Friday.

Rich Giardinia from Greenville has been fishing in the Shenango Lake his entire life. He was fishing with a buddy on Thursday and caught about a dozen crappie.

“The water was high all spring, it was really high. So it’s just starting to get out now, later on — water has come back down,” he said.

Giardinia said he’s heard people talk about the blue-green algae but hasn’t seen it for himself yet.

The lack of rain and unseasonably warm temperatures lately are suspected to have caused the late season algae bloom.

After testing that algae, the Army Corps of Engineers found out it was blue-green algae.

In a statement, the acting manager of Shenango Lake, Bill Spring, said, “This is an advisory. We don’t want to make this any bigger than it is. This is a small impact area.”

The area of concern is on the western side of the reservoir, around the Chestnut Run Swim Beach that already closed for the season earlier this month.

Hurley Moll drove four and a half hours from Hershey, Pennsylvania, on Thursday. He was aware of the lake advisory, but it did not deter him from scouting the lake with his two sons for Friday’s high school fishing tournament.

“I am actually practicing for the state high school fishing tournament that is going to be held on Saturday and Sunday. It is a two-day tournament and today is one of our two practice days,” said Sam Moll, one of Hurley’s sons.

They ran into local fisherman Dale Boles, from Hermitage, who gave them some advice and some spots to check out.

Boles has fished the Shenango Lake extensively and says he gets algae every time on his boat, but it is more brownish than blue or green.

“This is the first I have heard of it this year. I know they have had it in previous years at the swim beach at Chestnut, but I haven’t seen anything of that nature yet this year,” Boles said.

The Army Corps reminds people to avoid any areas that may have a mucky, blue-green algae floating on the surface. There are neurotoxins in the blue-green algae that could affect young children, the elderly and those with compromised immune systems.

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