Agencies push to change deadly trend in Trumbull County

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(WKBN) – A reminder for drivers ahead of the holiday season: drive sober, slow down and pay attention.

It’s a message law enforcement agencies in Trumbull County are stressing in an effort to prevent any more traffic injuries or deaths in a year that has already had more than its fair share.

“Losing a life is one too many,” said Lt. Brian Vail, with the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

In an effort to prevent the death toll on Trumbull County roadways from climbing any higher, Highway Patrol has teamed up with other agencies, including the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office, Bazetta and Howland police and Trumbull County Safe Communities, to raise awareness and enforce traffic laws.

“Our goal isn’t to write tickets, our goal is to keep everyone safe on Trumbull County roadways,” Vail said.

Trumbull County crash statistics
Credit: The Ohio State Highway Patrol

2021 has already been a deadly year in the county. There’s also been an alarming number of crashes resulting in injury, 939 to be exact. It’s a startling statistic that’s only more eyeopening when you look at the above map, which pinpoints where people have been injured or killed in the county so far this year.

Back in September, two people were killed at an intersection in Braceville — two of the 26 lives lost during Trumbull County’s deadliest year on the roadways since 2012.

“The numbers are staggering. What’s more tragic is that behind each one of those statistics is a person — a mother, a brother, a sister leaving behind a family that will never be the same,” said Trumbull County Sheriff Paul Monroe.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol says 72 percent of the people killed this year weren’t wearing a seatbelt. Since January 1, 221 unbelted motorists have been hurt in crashes.

“It’s hard to believe in today’s society with what we know about fatal crashes that people don’t buckle up every time they get in their car,” Monroe said.

Law enforcement agencies will be increasing patrols but they’re asking drivers to do their part by buckling up, slowing down, driving sober and paying attention to prevent any more tragedies from happening.

Drivers are encouraged to dial #677 to report impaired drivers and drug activity to Highway Patrol.

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