After recent neglect case, Animal Charity suspects reports are down but abuse is up

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Animal Charity says there is no excuse for this level of neglect, so they're pursuing charges

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(WKBN) – Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been telling you about domestic and child abuse. Reports have been down but experts suspect actual cases of abuse are up. The same is true for animals.

“Honestly, it was just awful,” said Mary Louk, board president for Animal Charity of Ohio.

Muppet the dog was picked up as a stray around March 26.

“His fur was matted with feces and dirt. He smelled… just beyond words,” Louk said.

And it only gets worse.

“They found his bottom jaw is gone. It’s no longer there,” Louk said.

Animal Charity had to take Muppet to a special veterinarian in Akron who is familiar with neglect and abuse cases.

“She feels due to a lack of dental care and just general care that the bone had deteriorated. She pulled the four teeth that were left in his mouth. They didn’t even look like teeth,” Louk said.

Muppet is also completely blind. He’s a senior dog and vision problems can be common in older dogs.

Animal Charity has learned this dog belongs to someone. They say there is no excuse for this level of neglect.

“That’s why we’re pursuing charges. Anyone with any kind of cognitive ability should look at this dog and say this is not OK,” Louk said.

Animal Charity says reports of abuse are about one-third what they were before the pandemic and animal rescues are down by half.

“People aren’t out and about as much so they are not seeing things. So they aren’t reporting things until things get really bad,” Louk said.

Making cases like Muppet’s more extreme when rescuers are called out to investigate.

We’re told Muppet is doing a lot better now and is being fostered by the vet in Akron.

Charges have not been filed in this case yet.

Animal Charity says it needs people to report if they think something is wrong. They don’t have enough people to call you back if you submit a tip, but say they do look into every tip.

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