A new year can bring challenging resolutions

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A successful resolution comes down to setting realistic and attainable goals toward a change for the right reasons

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – Many across the Valley will uphold a classic New Year’s tradition–creating a New Year’s Resolution.

Dr. Lewis Spirtos with Mercy Health says that starting a new calendar is a popular source of inspiration for people to make a change in their lives.

“It’s just something that people can use to try and jump start their motivation. It’s a new year. They’re trying to turn over a new leaf and make some positive changes,” said Spirtos.

He says that many who create a New Year’s Resolution do so with the wrong expectations.

“People want a quick fix, a quick solution, where real change takes a series of small goals and time and setbacks,” said Spirtos.

One of the more popular types of resolutions is to get into better shape. Samantha Womer with Creekside Fitness in Boardman has seen it year after year.

“They all come in right after the holidays. Some people want to pick up where they left off, some people want to start fresh,” said Womer.

Womer agrees with Dr. Spirtos that those hitting the gyms after the New Year aren’t always setting themselves up for success.

“I think health and fitness is something a lot of people want for themselves, but it’s a lot more work than what people give it credit for,” Womer said.

Spirtos says that there are two big reasons why New Year’s Resolutions so often fail.

“The first being that the motivation is external instead of internal, and I think the other thing is that people just make goals that are unattainable or unrealistic and then they get discouraged when they’re not meeting those goals,” Spirtos said.

When it comes to the gym, Womer says that there aren’t any shortcuts to success.

“Make a game plan, so write it all out. Write your goals and don’t be too quick to rush the system. It does take time,” Womer said.

She says that to look at the gym–or any other resolution–as a process to better one’s self.

“Dedicate that hour to yourself. It’s more about loving yourself rather than viewing it as a punishment,” Womer said.

Both Womer and Dr. Spirtos agree that a successful resolution comes down to setting realistic and attainable goals toward a change for the right reasons.

Following that advice might just help people stick to their resolutions for a change.

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