BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) – Two women are facing animal cruelty charges, with an animal rescue worker describing one of the cases as a “horrific scene.”

Amy Williams and Marian Thomas were indicted on two separate November incidents.

Williams is a former Youngstown State University professor. Ron Cole, a spokesman for the university, said she resigned on December 20.

WKBN interviewed Williams in April about YSU’s participation in its first National Alcohol Screening Day event. She was working as an assistant counseling professor at the time.

Investigators found a dead cat in her apartment and a dead dog in Thomas’s home.

Jane MacMurchy, of Animal Charity, said animal cruelty happens everywhere.

“Where it’s the suburbs or the cities, whether your rich or you’re poor, it doesn’t discriminate,” MacMurchy said. “These people who are committing animal cruelty, there’s no word to describe. They’re just terrible, evil people.”

MacMurchy said the dog was starved to death.

The cat was mutilated, which MacMurchy said was one of the worst scenes that she and her staff has ever seen. A live cat was also rescued from that apartment.

“This was intentionally done by somebody to their animals. There’s no going around the fact that these were intentional wounds and mutilated injuries,” she said.

Williams and Thomas have yet to appear in court to answer the charges.