(WKBN) – It’s cool that the San Francisco 49ers have roots in the Mahoning Valley. The owners are from here. Many people remember the Super Fan, which used to be in Youngstown. Today, we found some super fans of the Niners, and their love of the team is something you need to see to believe.

It’s a Gold Rush in New Castle — scarlet and gold items of the San Francisco 49ers everywhere.

“I am obsessed. It’s bad. It’s really bad. We wear the same clothes for games, no flags outside on game day, no jerseys on game day,” said Shannon Torsello of New Castle.

But inside a closet, the Torsello family has 75 jerseys of different San Francisco 49ers players that are everyday wear.

Shannon caught Niners fever from her father and has passed it to her two children, but not her husband.

“He’s a Dolphins fan. He doesn’t like any of it, but we don’t care. Three against one, so we win,” Shannon said.

The lineup includes helmets, hats, flags, footballs, neon lights, a ceiling fan and even a special garage sale find.

“If we see it, we buy it,” Shannon said.

Nicholas Torsello had a Snoopy room as a baby, then a Yankees room. Now, he’s hooked on the Niners.

The Torsellos love the local ownership connection and the Super Bowl items at the Southern Park Mall.

“Since they’re so far away, it’s nice to have like a little touch of our team close by,” Nicholas said.

Their collection includes dolls, figurines, a puzzle, glasses and a life-size poster of Jerry Rice. Even the light switch has a 49ers theme.

Just how deep does the connection to the 49ers run? Even their pet ferrets are named Deebo and Kittle after two of the 49ers players.

The Torsellos are “faithful to the bay,” even in their family conversations.

“She sends me 20 texts in a day, 15 of them are probably about the 49ers,” Nicholas said.

The family sits together in the 49ers room and watches every game, even dad. They’re ready for a win on Sunday.

“I hope so. Fingers crossed,” Shannon said.

“Sad part of it. First time I’ve seen my mom cry was when the Niners lost in the Super Bowl against the Ravens. So that’s kind of where it just came into play because it just gives us the bond that we have together,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas and Shannon will wear the same game-day outfit on Sunday that they’ve worn over the past 12 weeks, and the 49ers haven’t lost.

Shannon also showed us a school paper she wrote in 1996 on the 49ers. Her grade was 47 out of 50. It was an easy A.