LIBERTY TWP., Ohio (WKBN) — The tombstones in Liberty Township tell thousands of stories — famous people, hard workers, people who just lived a good life. There’s even a memorial marker for a dog that’s 140 years old. Monday, two graves received headstones that told a story that had previously been untold.

There’s a new look at Church Hill Cemetery. Two graves have new markers — Bob and Margaret Wood. It’s the first time they’ve had a marker since each of them was laid to rest — 100 years ago for Margaret.

“I’m thinking they’re very grateful for this. They’re probably saying, ‘Finally,'” said Funeral Director at Blackstone Funeral Home Danielle Altaffer.

Blackstone Funeral Home handled the Woods’ arrangements back in the day and now paid for the Woods’ headstones.

They worked with Terry Klausman and his Spirit Keeper Project. Klausman has a passion for paying tribute to people who have impacted his life. This started while he was researching famous Cleveland Indians teams.

“There’s only one person buried in Ohio from the 1948 championship season, and that’s Bob Feller and he’s in Gates Mills,” said Klausman.

Klausman stumbled across the name Bob Wood, who played two seasons for Cleveland’s team in 1901 and 1902.

“He was raking it, man. Hitting to 292 and to 295 at 35 and 36 for the Cleveland Blues. So he was raking it in the dead ball era,” said Klausman.

The baseball next to the marker gives some details about his seven seasons in pro baseball.

Wood was 77 when he died in the Youngstown area in 1943.

“That’s funny. You give me goosebumps. I just want them to know that I’m thankful that someone remembers them,” said Klausman.

Among the 1,500 graves at Church Hill Cemetery, which includes some of the titans of Trumbull County history — the Klines, the Goldies and now the Woods are recognized.

“I hope they appreciate it. Well, I hope they appreciate it enough because I’m planning on residing over there,” said Klausman.

Klausman has been so moved by the Woods’ story, that he feels Church Hill Cemetery would be a good final resting place for him, and he wants to be right next to the Woods.

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