HOWLAND, Ohio (WKBN) – A local dad has gone viral over comments he routinely makes to his children about moving back home.

“I thought it was kinda neat,” said Randy Wyand.

Randy’s statements were compiled in a TikTok video created and posted by his daughter, Camille Wyand, who lives in New York City, comparing life in Ohio to The Big Apple.

“Free chips in Ohio, New York City $30… In New York, you don’t even have dishwashers,” Randy said in the video.

Randy has gone viral over comments Camille says he makes all the time.

“He’s always making jokes about, you know, questioning why I want to live in New York City and not really understanding why I want to when it’s so expensive,” she said.

“You realize, Camille, how many thousands of dollars you’re saving hanging out in Warren, Ohio?” Randy asks in the video.

“I say it to Camille, I say it to all my kids. I always tell them they need to come back home here and I think Ohio is a great place. I think Trumbull County is a great place to live if you have a decent job,” Randy said.

Camille lives in New York City where she works in strategy consulting. She recorded Randy while she was visiting Howland for the holidays and posted a compilation on TikTok. The video now has more than 4.4 million views since it was uploaded four days ago.

“Never thought in a million years it would go viral but I’m glad it did,” Randy said.

“I didn’t realize how relatable the TikTok was. I just thought it was my dad being funny and saying the comments that I hear all the time. All the comments that I’ve seen, everybody’s dad is like this,” Camille said.

The Wyands say the reaction to the video has been great. It’s even generated comments from around the world.

“Everyone’s been so sweet in the comments. A lot of people saying, ‘Oh, he just misses you,'” Camille said.

“Someday, hopefully, you know, somebody will come home,” Randy said.