Len Rome’s Local Health: How many times a week should you be exercising?


People who successfully lose weight exercise at a high intensity for four or more days each week

(WYTV) – Exercise can be a major part of losing weight, but does the time of day you work out make a difference?

The most recent research says no, not really.

Results show that morning, noon, or night, people who exercise at the same time every day are better able to maintain their weight.

Dr. Michael Roizen of The Cleveland Clinic says that it’s all about consistency.

“It’s about making it a habit to do it every day, and at the same time every day. If you want to lose weight, one of the greatest points they made was that exercise was almost essential, and doing it the same time every day helps you keep the weight off,” Roizen said.

The people who successfully lose weight and keep it off exercise at high intensity four or more days each week. And the easiest way to form an exercise habit is to find a buddy who will hold you accountable.

For those who enjoy running or walking, try using a pedometer or cell phone to track your steps. That way, you and your friend can increase your step count little by little each day.

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