Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you heard of the “freshman fifteen”?


The first year of college will pack on some pounds

(WYTV) – Have you heard of the “freshman fifteen?”

The first year of college will pack on some pounds, 15 of them, especially for young men.

New students are in new surroundings, with new friends and new pressures. It can affect how they eat and drink, and parents are not around to lecture them.

Dr. Dan Allan of The Cleveland Clinic says that eating empty calories is the biggest problem.

“The big things found in this study were more alcohol – especially in males – and more fried foods, fatty foods, and more baked goods like donuts. So, those are a lot of empty calories, which certainly is going to contribute to poor health,” he said.

A new study found that at the end of their freshmen year, both men and women had unfavorable body changes, but men gained more weight and body fat.

Try teaching your older kids basic cooking skills and how to shop for wholesome foods at the grocery store.

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