Len Rome’s Local Health: Have you decorated for the holidays yet?


When it comes to ladders, it's typically best to avoid them all together

(WYTV) – Now that Thanksgiving is over, many holiday purists have the green light to put up Christmas decorations.

You’ve got your lights and ladder ready, but before you drag all this stuff outside, an emergency room doctor has this reminder – be sure to check the forecast first.

Dr. Tom Waters of The Cleveland Clinic says that simple decorating can be very risky when icy weather is a factor.

“Once it gets cold and icy, and rainy, and windy, that’s not a time to be out putting up your decorations. Both for risks for electrocution, as well as also being up on a ladder, when it’s raining or icy, or even cold, can be very dangerous.”

When it comes to ladders, it’s typically best to avoid them altogether.

If possible, keep your decorations closer to the ground, or consider hiring a professional who has the right tools and expertise.

Holiday hazards can happen indoors as well. For those who like to decorate with real trees, make sure they don’t get too dry, as that can pose a fire hazard.

And keep all decorations far away from heat sources. If you have decorations with electrical cords that look frayed or damaged, get rid of them, as they can pose a fire risk.

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