Len Rome’s Local Health: Fibromyalgia testing

Most Fibromyalgia pain is misdiagnosed

(WYTV) – Millions of people who live with the constant pain of Fibromyalgia would love to find relief. In fact, their problem is often misdiagnosed.

It’s pain, fatigue and muscle tenderness.

Now, a new test could finally give these patients proof they really have it.

Researchers at The Ohio State University say their test can diagnose fibromyalgia with just a few drops of blood.

It involved rheumatologists and Ohio State’s food science laboratory working together.

Dr. Luis Rodriguez-Saona, who works in food science, says, “We use infrared in many companies to determine protein, fat, moisture, starch levels, fiber in seconds.”

This test can analyze levels of chemicals in the blood the same way it analyzes molecules in food.

This technique can distinguish fibromyalgia from other chronic pain conditions with near 100% accuracy.

Next, Ohio State will try the blood test in a larger group of patients, and then take it from the lab and into the exam room to diagnose fibromyalgia on the spot.

The more we know, the closer we can come to treating it.

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