Len Rome’s Local Health: Does colon cancer run in your family?


Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer affecting both men and women.

(WYTV) – Each day, doctors diagnose 400 more Americans with colon cancer and we’re learning that this cancer is all in the family.

It’s the second leading cause of cancer affecting both men and women.

Ohio State cancer researchers are using a new screening program for it; they started by looking more closely at more than three thousand patients already diagnosed with colon cancer.

Heather Hampel from the Ohio State Cancer Center says that the testing revealed huge familial risks.

“From that, we have actually offered genetic testing to about 370 at-risk relatives, and another 120 have tested positive, so you can see where it balloons once you get to the family members.”

The researchers found that 1 in 6 colon cancer patients actually have a genetic flaw that raises the risk of inheriting colon cancer from another family member.

The risk was already there, but this flaw makes it even higher.

If someone in your family has had colon cancer, get tested for this genetic flaw, it’s called Lynch Syndrome and this is especially if you’re under 50.

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