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Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you smoke?


Quitting smoking has more health benefits than any medicine

(WYTV) – You’ve had a heart attack and you smoke; you might think it’s too late to quit, but it never is.

New research from the American Heart Association says putting down cigarettes can really lower the odds of having a second major cardiovascular event, such as a stroke or heart attack.

Dr. Humberto Choi of The Cleveland Clinic says quitting smoking can prevent another hospital trip.

“They saw that after any cardiovascular event, people who quit smoking they had a much favorable outcome. They actually had a lower chance of having another heart attack, or another stroke, and they actually lived about five years longer compared to the people who continued to smoke,” said Dr. Choi.

Even if you’re 70 or older and have had heart trouble, if you give up tobacco, chances are you will live longer than those who continued to smoke.

You’re also less likely to suffer another heart attack or stroke.

You’ll see benefits right away, such as lower blood pressure.

Quitting smoking has more health benefits than any medicine.

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