Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you have pre-diabetes?


Type two diabetes is a serious problem in the country and around the world

(WYTV) – Type two diabetes is a serious problem in the country and around the world, but we’re learning that healthy habits can make a difference.

Let’s say your doctor tells you that you have pre-diabetes.

It doesn’t have to mean you’ll go on to have full blown diabetes, but you’ll have to make lifestyle changes to turn things around.

Dr. Mary Kellis of The Cleveland Clinic says that losing weight can dramatically reduce your chances of diabetes.

“You can definitely prevent progression to diabetes. Importantly, we found that even losing five to seven percent of your weight can substantially reduce your risk to develop diabetes.”

When it comes to diabetes risk, it’s important to look at diet.

Eating a diet high in whole grains and fiber and low in refined sugars is key.

Eating too many refined sugars, such as white breads, pastas, rice and sweet drinks, can cause insulin levels to spike very quickly and result in changes in blood sugar levels.

It can feel overwhelming to know you have to make multiple lifestyle changes to reach your health goals.

Take baby steps and tackle one new healthy habit at a time.

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