Len Rome’s Local Health: Do you drink coffee?

A recent study says too much caffeine can trigger a migraine

(WYTV) – Many of us can’t start the day without our morning cup of coffee, but if you struggle with migraines, keep the caffeine intake in check.

A study in the American Journal of Medicine says too much caffeine can trigger a migraine.

The weather can, too — large sudden shifts in temperature. Dr. Emad Estemalik of the Cleveland Clinic suggests knowing your triggers.

“It’s important for every person to know their unique triggers. Again, this is a study, but it doesn’t mean that this applies to everybody. So, patients know their triggers, for some, it is, you know, the coffee, for others, it is the food. For others, it’s the weather, so again, migraine sufferers know what exactly applies to them.”

As for caffeine, the study showed that one to two servings of a caffeinated beverage were OK, but three or more were not.

Serving sizes for coffee and tea were between six and eight ounces, for soda 12 ounces.

When it comes to lifestyle choices, look at both caffeine intake and food which can also bring on a migraine.

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