Len Rome’s Local Health: Can medical marijuana benefit mental health?


Marijuana is gradually becoming legalized

(WYTV) – We’ve heard a lot lately about medical marijuana and marijuana products for our health, but what about mental health?

Using medicinal marijuana, or related products, to treat mental health conditions may not do much good, not if you believe the current research.

Dr. Brian Barnett of The Cleveland Clinic says there’s not much evidence to support its effectiveness.

“There was pretty low-grade evidence for marijuana for treatment of anxiety disorders. It also looked at the use of marijuana for the treatment of other psychiatric disorders and found no compelling evidence at this point that marijuana, or any of its derivatives, are effective treatments for things such as depression, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome or post-traumatic stress disorder.”

In the meantime, be aware of the risks as marijuana gradually becomes legalized.

We know that marijuana is becoming stronger, in terms of THC content, than it was in the past, that can lead to more adverse reactions

If you’re going to self medicate, talk to your physician first.

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