Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you watching your blood pressure?

A new study says that blood pressure may affect how your brain works later in life

(WYTV) – The American Medical Association tells us that blood pressure may affect how your brain works when you’re older.

A new AMA study shows that people who had higher blood pressures in their mid-life and continued to have higher blood pressures in their later life have a greater chance of developing dementia.

Dr. Jagan Pillai of The Cleveland Clinic says that watching your blood pressure later in life is extremely important.

“Studies like this clearly show that investing in your general health and even in your mid-life, will pay substantial dividends much later on and that helps you enjoy the quality of life that you would like to lead.”

Dementia doesn’t happen overnight. Some changes in the brain begin a decade or more before symptoms appear.

There are a lot of ways we can develop dementia, but maintaining a healthy blood pressure throughout your life may be one way to decrease your risk.

The CDC tells us that one in every three adults has high blood pressure, and only a little more than half of them have their high blood pressure under control.

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