Len Rome’s Local Health: Are you aware of gaming injuries?

Watch for neck strain and back problems

(WYTV) – Traditional athletes, the men and women on the field, can suffer injuries like sprains, strains, dislocations and inflammation.

Dr. Dominic King, of the Cleveland Clinic, said even gaming athletes, who sit around and play video games all the time, can get injured, too.

“Some of the injuries we look at are overuse injuries of the hand – tendonitis, both of the Flexor Tendons and the Extensor Tendons. We look at things like carpal tunnel syndrome. We can also see overuse in the elbow and also in the shoulder.”

Injuries while playing on a console, virtual reality set and even a computer can vary.

Watch for neck strain, back problems and eye-strain.

Most people develop issues when they ignore symptoms, so if you feel soreness in your wrists or numbness and tingling in your hand, take a break and do some stretches.

Find ways to keep physically fit, that can help keep you mentally awake, accurate and focused on your game.

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