How to protect and care for pet with Lyme disease


YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Ticks can be hard to see, but when they bite, can bring trouble. They affect people, horses, and dogs.

If your dog’s behavior changes, it can signal a problem. Adamson Veterinary Services in Salem has already seen 100 dogs test positive for Lyme disease this year. The main symptoms are the dog doesn’t want to move or be touched.

“They’re seeing a dog that’s really really painful. They will stand there and say “I don’t want to move,” Dr. Vikey Brooks.

Brooks tests for three tick diseases and gets results in eight minutes. She says people can’t get Lyme disease from a dog, and your pet most likely caught it from a deer or other animal in the wild.

The ticks are as small as a mustard seed. They’re easy to miss before they bite.

“There are be complications with the disease, but the treatment is pretty simple. The majority of dogs can clear Lyme disease, but we will have some that are carriers,” Brooks said.

In 2019, roughly one in every 20 dogs caught Lyme disease nationwide, 12,000 in Ohio tested positive last year.

There are orals, topicals and collars dogs can wear to prevent it. Much easier than treatment.

“You know, the hardest part about treating Lyme disease is making sure people do the full treatment because it’s 30 days,” Brooks said.

That’s a long time for you to think to give medicine to your dog when your dog is no longer showing symptoms. But if you don’t do the full 30 days, you don’t get rid of it.

There is a vaccine available for dogs, which can prevent it from getting Lyme disease.

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