(WYTV) – The virus that gave you chickenpox as a kid is still in your body. It’s sleeping in your nerve tissues.

Now, when you’re much older, it can wake up as something really nasty, a disease called shingles.

You may be familiar with shingles — the viral infection that causes a painful rash, usually on your body’s torso.

But did you know that shingles also can affect your eyes?

“Shingles around the eye typically involves the skin of the forehead and the skin of the upper lid. It can also involve the side of the nose or the tip of the nose,” said Dr. Keith Baratz, who works in Ophthalmology at the Mayo Clinic.

Shingles usually affects only one side of your face. You’ll see the tell-tale rash or blisters, and if it’s in your eyes, they’ll turn pink, swell, and your vision will blur.

It can be painful, dangerous and last for a long time.

The key to overcoming eye shingles is quick diagnosis and aggressive treatment with an antiviral medicine.