(WYTV) – Are you still dealing with lingering aches and pains after having the coronavirus?

If you noticed you’re still dealing with headaches from time to time after contracting COVID-19, you’re not alone.

Headache specialists say it’s a problem for many people.

“When it comes to headaches, there has also been recent data — that was actually an interesting study that looked at long-term neurologic complications following COVID infections — and headache tends to be one of the most common long-term complications that we see after COVID,” said Dr. Emad Estemalik, a headache specialist at the Cleveland Clinic.

We really don’t understand why, but we do know that the types of headaches vary from person to person.

For example, someone who may have had migraines and then contracted COVID-19 may have more severe migraines afterward.

When it comes to treatment, the options include prescription medications, botox injections and therapy.