(WYTV) – Every two seconds, someone in this country needs blood, according to the American Red Cross. Becoming a donor is easy and you can make a real impact in someone’s life.

Blood contains several components: red cells, platelets and plasma. It can offer different benefits to patients in need. The most common type of donation is a whole blood donation.

“We insert a needle in your arm, and you fill up a bag that potentially could go up to three different recipients, depending on how we manufacture that blood product,” said Dr. Justin Juskewitch.

For plasma and platelet donations, donors are hooked to a machine which separates blood components and returns unused components to the donor.

Plasma usually goes to people in emergency and trauma situations to help stop

In a platelet donation, the only cells collected are those that help with clotting. Platelets usually go to people with cancer or who are having major surgery.

Donating blood products not only benefits patients in need, but it also benefits those who give.
Think about it, you’re helping save someone’s life.