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There comes a time when students benefit from handling what's troubling them on their own

(WYTV) – What do you do when your child doesn’t care for their teacher?

If you’re faced with this, there are some things parents should and should not say.

Vanessa Jensen, PsyD at The Cleveland Clinic says sometimes kids just need to whine and complain and to know you care.

“I think the first thing is just listen. Let them talk on; let the child say their spiel – just let them get it on the table – with a lot of, ‘ah ha, hmmm, wow,’ –all those neutral things. The thing you don’t want to do is say, ‘oh, she is so mean,’ or, ‘how could he say that to you? That was inappropriate’ – just don’t go there.”

If it goes on, consider getting the teacher’s take on the situation.

You can decide if there’s a need to sit down with everyone to flush things out and you don’t need to intervene over every little thing.

There comes a time when students benefit from handling what’s troubling them on their own.

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