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Most of the cases in this county appeared in people who were unvaccinated

(WYTV) – The Centers for Disease Control tells us that this has been the worst year for measles in this country since 1992.

More than 1.100 people have caught measles and over a hundred have had to go to the hospital.

What makes measles so dangerous are it’s complications, especially in children.

Dr. Frank Esper of The Cleveland Clinic says there are various complications from the measles.

“What happens with the measles, more so than with a lot of these other types of viruses that circulate through the season, is it really causes a lot more pneumonias. So, it gets into your lungs and it can cause a bad pneumonia, and it can get into your blood, which then goes to the brain and can cause a lot of bad brain swelling – about one to two out of every thousand children will get brain swelling, and about one out of every twenty will get pneumonia.”

The MMR vaccine, which protects against measles, mumps and rubella, is meant for children beginning at one year old.

Most of the cases in this county appeared in people who were unvaccinated, and most of those were in New York and New York City.

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