Len Rome’s Local Health: Treating Essential Tremor

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(WYTV) – Have you ever heard of essential tremor?

It’s common, your hands can shake and tremble. Medicine and surgery can help.

Still, some patients find no relief. An Ohio man has, with a new procedure at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Sean Nagal of the Cleveland Clinic says it doesn’t involve surgery, but it uses very focused ultrasound to get at the problem.

“The focused ultrasound allows the physicians to target a very specific area of the brain and as you slowly increase the energy over time you can see the warming, or the heating, of the tissue within the brain itself using the MRI.”

The patient is awake during the treatment letting doctors know about the heat they feel. 

The ultrasound heat produces a lesion that interrupts nerve signals causing the tremor. The tremor stops immediately.

The doctors use MRI to guide the ultrasound and they are trying it on Parkinson’s disease. 

Using it to treat essential tremor is still in the trial phase.

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