(WYTV) – How would you like to live happily ever after? Wouldn’t that be great? The closest we can come is to give up smoking.

If you missed what’s called the Great American Smokeout each November, there’s always time to quit if that’s your habit. Doctors tell us those who manage to do that and go on to adopt a healthy lifestyle can really reduce their risk of death.

“It shows that it’s not just about quitting smoking. It’s really about making these amazing lifestyle changes that will carry you through and really will lower your cardiovascular risk, cardiovascular mortality and death from other things such as cancers and respiratory diseases as well,” said Dr. Neha Vyas of the Cleveland Clinic.

Former smokers who carefully watched their weight, diet, physical activity and drinking had a lower risk for death, cancer and other diseases. And that’s regardless of how they used to smoke. You may, however, need to try several times before you finally quit.

The CDC tells us that tobacco is the leading cause of preventable disease, disability and death in the U.S.