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(WYTV) – Ever lug around a huge sack of fresh, soggy mulch? How much does that weigh?

Many of us are busy sprucing up our yards. You can avoid letting your flower beds get the best of your back by using good body mechanics. 

Dr. Santhosh Thomas, of the Cleveland Clinic, says, “Body mechanics is very important; having good, ideal, weight would be very important. If you are obese, just recognize that it’s going to affect your body mechanics. And you should use good tools, the appropriate tools, for the right job because bad tools would lead to bad body mechanics.”

Start slow and ease into yard work. Try a bit of stretching to warm up your muscles.

We often hurt ourselves doing more than our bodies are able to do, so ask for help instead of overdoing it on your own. 

If you end up with a sore lower back, Thomas said most of these injuries will resolve on their own with about 48 hours of rest.

Some over-the-counter anti-inflammatories and applying ice or heat often helps, too.

But, if back pain lingers more than a few days, go for a massage.

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