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About 23 million Americans have ragweed allergies

(WYTV) – If you start to sniffle and sneeze in late summer or early fall, you might be allergic to ragweed pollen.

About 23 million Americans have ragweed allergies.

Dr. Alice Hoyt of the Cleveland Clinic said it can be hard to tell if the source of your sniffles is a cold or an allergy, but an allergy will make you itchy.

“Because of the way allergy cells work when they’re activated, they secrete itchy chemicals, so that’s one way, sort of, a rule of thumb, is allergy present, as opposed to a viral infection or a cold, is how itchy are you?”

Ragweed allergies may make your nose, throat and eyes itch. Sneezing, congestion and watery eyes are common as well.

Over-the-counter allergy products can often help relieve symptoms until ragweed plants die off after the first frost.

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