(WYTV) – Researchers at the Cleveland Clinic are working on a vaccine designed to prevent breast cancer. How close are they?

The researchers are in what they call phase 1-A with 1-B just ahead. 1-A studied the vaccine in patients who have had triple-negative breast cancer but are at risk for it again. 1-B is for those who have never had breast cancer, but who are at risk for it.

“We now have a good idea of the dose range that we need to study. Now we’re expanding, meaning increasing accrual to some of these dose levels, to get an idea of the shape of the immune response according to dose and time. So, that’s where we are with phase 1A. But we do have an idea of the doses that we should study, so we’re opening it up to phase 1B,” said Dr. Thomas Budd at the Cleveland Clinic.

In the 1-B group, researchers will continue to evaluate safety, fine-tune the dosage, watch for an immune response and look for side-effects.

The Clinic expects to have results from this early phase of research by the end of this year.