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Len Rome’s Local Health: Protecting yourself from the flu

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The flu comes on suddenly, causing high fever, aches and chills

(WYTV) – It’s time to start thinking of protecting your family from the flu.

The flu is a severe respiratory illness. It comes on suddenly, causing high fever, aches and chills.

Dr. Frank Esper of the Cleveland Clinic says you’ll want to get your child a flu vaccine as soon as they’re available.

“The best time to get the flu vaccine is before flu spreads. It takes anywhere between two to four weeks for your immune system to ramp up and be protected after you get your vaccination.”

The flu virus has the ability to change, sometimes in the middle of the season. The vaccine doesn’t guarantee your family will completely avoid the flu, but it greatly reduces your chances of catching it. Even healthy young adults can have symptoms bad enough to go to the hospital.

Flu vaccines are recommended for all children over the age of six months. Children under the age of eight months who have never received a flu vaccine need two doses.

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