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Keeping an eye on the back of the box could help you lose weight

(WYTV) – How much processed food are you eating?

Ultra processed usually means full of additives and not much whole food.

The latest research shows a difference in weight gain, depending on what people ate.

Dr. W. Scott Butsch, of the Cleveland Clinic, said, “One diet was ultra-processed, and the other one wasn’t processed at all, and they looked at these people for two weeks. And, they changed the diet halfway through, so all of the individuals were on both of the diets. In the end, they found that those who ate the ultra-processed foods gained weight.”

The study the doctor referred to looked at a group of adults in their 30s. An ultra-processed diet contributes almost 500 extra calories a day to a person’s diet.

Look at the list of ingredients on your food, and if it’s a long list, it’s probably very processed.

A diet full of fruits, vegetables and whole grains is the best way to go for our health and waistlines, so take advantage of summer farmer’s markets.

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