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Preeclapmsia left untreated can be fatal to both mom and baby

(WYTV) – Most women expect symptoms such as swelling and headaches when they’re pregnant, but they can also be signs of a very dangerous condition called preeclampsia.

Managing the condition as early as possible can give moms the best chance of carrying their baby to full term.

Now, a simple urine test can accurately diagnose the condition in just minutes. 

It comes from researchers at The Ohio State University.

Dr. Kara Rood said, “Without the certainty of this test aiding in the diagnosis, we as providers are definitely overcautious as this is definitely something we don’t want to miss because of the life-threatening results of a misdiagnosis for moms and babies.”

Preeclampsia means the blood vessels in the placenta are not doing their job.

Left untreated, it means dangerously high blood pressure, and it can be fatal to both mom and baby.

The FDA should approve the Ohio State test in the next few years. It’s easy enough for women to take at home so preeclampsia can be identified and treated as soon as it develops.

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