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Are you watching out for poison ivy?

(WYTV) – Poison ivy can be tricky. It can hide in the brush, not always in plain sight.

And it can sometimes take a while for a poison ivy rash to show up, along with a terrible itch.

Here’s what you do.

Dr. Melissa Piliang, of The Cleveland Clinic, said, “When you get home, really before you even go very far in your house, strip all those clothes off, put them in the wash, wash them in hot, soapy water, throw them in your dryer, and you should get in the shower. Start with cold water. Cold water will rinse the oil off. Hot water lets it spread more, so rinse with cool water, and then you can use soap and water to rinse the rest off.”

If you get the rash on parts of the body with thicker skin, such as your hands, it takes longer for it to appear.

It may show up first where your skin is thinner, such as your eyelids.

It’s the oil on the leaves and stems of poison ivy that causes the reaction.

Over-the-counter hydrocortisone ointment, a cool compress on your skin and an antihistamine will all help.

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