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Are plant-based burgers healthier?

(WYTV) – Are you a fan of pretend meat?

A burger alternative that mimics meat can be found in stores and on menus everywhere.

These products are more than a simple veggie burger.

They taste like meat, they have the texture of meat and even “bleed” red, but they’re actually made with plants.

So are they healthy?

Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian of The Cleveland Clinic, said, “We don’t have long-term data to figure out what is this really going to do in terms of our health. Is this going to improve our health? Are these options going to improve the environment? Of course, the manufacturers of these products say – absolutely! And they probably are right based on the fact that maybe we will limit our red meat consumption and instead have some of these products.”

We know that eating too much red meat can increase heart disease and cancer risk.

Meatless burgers are processed and often made in a lab using plant-based ingredients, such as pea protein.

Some products use beets to make the faux-burger “bleed” red like real meat.

You can’t tell if you’re going to like them until you try them.

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