Len Rome’s Local Health: Osteoporosis

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(WYTV) – We sometimes call osteoporosis the “silent thief” because people don’t typically have symptoms or pain until they break a bone.

Doctors say screening is crucial to find osteoporosis as it thins your bones and find it as early as possible, when it’s treatable. 

Dr. Chad Deal, of the Cleveland Clinic, said, “It’s really important for people to, at the appropriate time, to have a bone density test to see if they have osteoporosis and do the appropriate treatment if a patient’s risk is high enough.”

Doctors recommend osteoporosis screening for all women at age 65 and earlier for those considered high risk. 

You can take medicines to reduce your risk of a fracture, but better yet, just keep from falling.

Older people need to maintain good balance and muscle strength in order to prevent an accidental fall.

Exercise to strengthen your core and lower body muscles, and remove the trip hazards in your home, including loose rugs and the electrical cords. 

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