(WYTV) – About 15% of adults in this country have chronic kidney disease, that’s 37 million people. We want to tell you about a new class of medicines that might help these patients.

What if we could treat these people as soon as possible? Most people don’t have symptoms of chronic kidney disease until it’s at an advanced stage.

“Early detection of chronic kidney disease may help us actually treat and prevent patients ahead of time before the need for dialysis or kidney transplantation,” said Dr. Naim Issa in nephrology at the Mayo Clinic.

The new class of drugs may do all that. The medicines were originally designed to treat diabetes, a main cause of chronic kidney disease and they’ve helped people avoid dialysis and transplantation.

The medications are used whether the patient is diabetic or not.

You can help yourself by following a low-sodium, moderate-protein diet, avoid smoking and getting plenty of exercise.