(WYTV) – The Cleveland Clinic has just completed a survey asking men how they feel about their health, including their mental health.

Many admitted they can feel anxiety and depression at times.

The annual survey found most men in this country believe they’re living a healthy lifestyle, even though almost half skip a yearly physical or take care of their mental health.

The same goes for keeping a healthy diet.

“I think that sometimes men’s perception of how healthy they are or how healthy their behaviors are might not necessarily be aligned with that they’re really doing,” said Dr. Petar Bajic of the Cleveland Clinic.

 The clinic also found a quarter of men watch tv for more than five hours a day, on average and they scroll through social media for more than two hours daily.

The survey shows 65% of men are hesitant to look for professional help for stress, anxiety and depression.

And men were reluctant to talk abut any sexual health issues, especially those, and asking a doctor for help here was usually out of the question.