(WYTV) – A reminder for women, get your health checkups. They’re routine, yes, but they’re very important.

These checkups for women typically include an overall wellness exam, in addition to a breast exam and pelvic exam.

Your doctor may order other tests for you, depending on your age or your medical history.

“A lot of women do get caught up in everything and they think, ‘oh I’ll deal with it when I have a problem,’ and I think it’s important to talk about these checkups because the way to prevent disease and increase survival for people is to, number one, catch it early or to be able to talk about these preventative measures, which is why these appointments are also important,” said Dr. Salena Zanotti at the Cleveland Clinic.

These appointments are important for prevention and to help identify any possible issues.

Sometimes a woman may not realize the pain she’s feeling isn’t normal. There may be something going on that her doctor will need to diagnose and fix.

And discuss family history at routine checkups, that way your physician knows about any possible health issues in your life.