(WYTV) – How about a skin care routine to keep you looking young? With so many skin care products promising to do exactly that, how do you find the right one?

Some are expensive, some not so much but dermatologists tell us there is one good product you might want to start using. It may already be in your medicine cabinet – sunscreen.

“There are studies that have shown that women who used a broad-spectrum sunscreen on their face every day for a year looked younger at the end of that year. And these women were compared to women who didn’t use the sunscreen, and they looked older at the end of the year. So, if you want to look younger, prevention is key. Use your sunscreen,” said Dr. Melissa Piliang of the Cleveland Clinic.

For a daily skin care routine, find a sunscreen marketed for your face and you can also try using a product with retinoids for anti-aging.

And be patient, results may take a few months.