Len Rome’s Local Health: How often do you eat red meat?

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Nutritionists claim to link red and processed meats to disease and poor health

(WYTV) – Nutritionists warn that if you eat too much red meat, you can shorten your life.

Since nutritionists claim to link red meat to disease and poor health, how often should you eat it?

Registered Dietitian, Kristin Kirkpatrick, of The Cleveland Clinic says that you shouldn’t eat much red meat at all.

“It’s not the one hot dog that we have once a month, or at a special event that leads to increased mortality and chronic disease risk. It’s when we have it multiple times a week; it’s when we’re having it all the time.”

Eating healthier types of meat, such as poultry or plant-based foods, leads to a lower risk of death when compared to red meat.

Consider red or processed meats as a ‘treat’ and eat it as infrequently as possible.

And when red meat makes its way onto your dinner plate, try healthier types, such as grass fed beef which contains more omega-3’s.

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