Len Rome’s Local Health: How long have you been sitting?

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Studies show that many people sit too much.

What we’ve learned is that many of us sit all day at work and then all we do is sit around at home, too.

Dr. Donald Ford, of the Cleveland Clinic, says, “One in four people sit greater than eight hours a day. Four in 10 are physically inactive. One in 10 are both, they sit for more than eight hours, and they’re physically inactive.”

You should spend at least 150 minutes exercising a week. That’s only half an hour a day, five days a week. 

If you’re stuck sitting at work a lot, try to get in small breaks during the work day. 

The real danger is sitting all day at work and then going home and not exercising. 

Make sure you put in the effort and you’re really getting your heart rate up. 

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