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Is there a link between hormonal contraceptives and depression?

(WYTV) – Many women use some method of birth control in their lifetimes, but some also worry that a certain side effect may outweigh the benefits.

They say they’re worried about depression with hormonal contraceptives.

Is there any truth to this?

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center looked at the mental health effects of contraceptives including pills, injections and implants and found the same thing every time.

Dr. Brett Worley said, “The biggest misconception is that hormonal contraception leads to depression. For most patients, that just doesn’t seem like it’s the case.”

The researchers looked at birth in teenagers, postpartum women and those who had a history of depression and, again, found no links.

But patients have a right to be concerned, and women should continue to have open and honest discussions with their doctors.

We still need more research on this, but the doctors at the Wexner Medical Center say they hope their study can at least reassure women that they can safely choose the birth control method that works best for them.

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