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(WYTV) – Knowing how much you weigh and your body mass index are important.

But you need to know that the trusted scale isn’t always telling the whole story.

“The scale is a horrible barometer or behavior change. You can do everything right today — you can exercise, you can have a great diet that would really make any dietitian thrilled — but then you get on the scale and you’re up two pounds,” said Dr. Leslie Heinberg. 

Even for people within a normal weight range, the average fluctuation is about five pounds. You can have that because of hormones or you’re retaining water.

Writing down your weight can help you follow trends over time.

If you notice your weight is consistently up after days or weeks, then it probably really is up.

Obsessively weighing yourself or checking your body fat every day will likely make you miserable.

Pick two days a week to weigh in and be consistent. Try to weigh yourself at the same time of day, wearing the same amount of clothing each time.

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