Len Rome’s Local Health: Healthy changes

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(WYTV) – We all know that we should exercise and eat more vegetables, but just how far can lifestyle changes go toward a healthier future?

They go pretty far, but you have to start early.

The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center found that if adults watched their blood pressure, their weight, their diet and didn’t smoke, they could reduce their risk of diabetes by 80%.

Dr. Joshua Joseph said, “You want to start these healthy lifestyle factors now so that you can live a long, healthy life, free of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and now we’re showing also diabetes.”

About 14% of Americans have Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes. Quitting smoking, staying active and eating healthy can go a long way toward dealing with it.

So in preventing heart disease, you’re also working to prevent diabetes and other glucose issues by reducing your problem naturally.

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