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Is your child practicing good hygiene?

(WYTV) – How about ball pits, a fun way for kids to expend some energy?

Germs can live here — bacteria from skin, from the mouth and even from the gut.

Like any play area, good hand hygiene is important in a ball pit.

Dr. Frank Esper, of the Cleveland Clinic, says, “Washing your hands before and after jumping into a ball pit. Understanding that they will get exposed to germs in a ball pit, just like they would be exposed to germs at any playground facility, and that it’s OK. That most and nearly everybody that jumps into a ball pit are going to be fine when they come out of the ball pit; they’re going to be fine.”

For the most part, it’s perfectly safe for children to play in ball pits.

But, if a child has a compromised immune system or is on medications that bring that on, take precautions.

If a child has an open sore or wound, it’s best to stay out of the pit.

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