(WYTV) – Have you gotten a flu shot this year? If you haven’t, there’s still time. The Centers for Disease control says it’s nasty this winter.

So far this season, the flu has put around 38,000 people in the hospital and around 2,000 people have died of it.

The best defense in fighting the flu is getting vaccinated.

“When it comes to flu vaccine, we recommend that everybody age six months and older get vaccinated. This year and every year. The flu virus changes with time, so it’s important to get vaccinated every year to try to address those changes that might be there,” said Dr. Susan Rehm of the Cleveland Clinic.

Young people are coming down with the flu more than usual this winter. The symptoms can include fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose and headaches, body aches and fatigue. Most people will usually feel better on their own within a week.

Doctors say this flu season is likely going to be worse this year, few of us are wearing masks as we did during the pandemic.