Len Rome’s Local Health: Fish oil or snake oil?

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Millions take fish oil supplements because they’ve been told it reduces the risk of heart disease but that may no longer be true.

Researchers studied more than 25,000 men and women aged 50 and older for about five years.

They found that vitamin D and fish oil were not effective in preventing cancer or heart disease.

“The good news is that both the fish oil and the vitamin D were safe — there was no harm but there was also no benefit,” said Dr. Steve Nissen, from the Cleveland Clinic. “Our advice to people would be not to routinely take either unless there’s a very good reason to take these supplements.”

Vitamins and supplements are a multi-billion dollar a year industry. So many of us have come to rely on them for good health. Sometimes we have to rethink that.

Before popping anything besides the food you eat, talk to your doctor.

If fish oil capsules sound fishy, then maybe they are.

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